2017 was my first year to attend the Lancaster Library Book Sale. It’s a behemoth of a sale! You can find dealers, moms, retirees, and plenty of readers like me. I wish I had an idea of how many other bloggers were there—I’ll have to go Google that! I loved the lady with the little red wagon, and definitely plan to find a better solution for carrying my haul next year.

I came home with books that I’m excited about, and as usual, I have no idea where I’ll put all of them. One thing I couldn’t help but think about was the book sales I attended with my dad when I was a kid. He collected old (we say vintage, right?) books in a few categories. At least a few times a year, we went hunting at nearby sales. I wish he could see me blogging now!

The next library book sale is in August, and it’s held in a local roller skating rink. Makes for great pictures! I’d better get reading so I can make some space on my shelves.