Reading to relax is an everyday occurrence for me. Ever since my mom and dad read me stories, I’ve taken in a few pages before bed. I can hardly fall asleep without reading!

My favorite genres have varied over the years, just like your probably have. For example, I went from reading lots of killer / thriller mysteries to mostly fantasy of all types about ten years ago. Why? Because all those detective and psychological thrillers were making me feel incredibly paranoid. Good books will do that to me.

The reason I love fantasy is because it offers a true escape into another world. Unless of course we’re all wrong and vampires are really fighting werewolves!

I’ve also grown to love a good memoir in the last few years. Hearing the story behind the news event interests me. I don’t read about many celebrities, unless they’ve overcome unique challenges. I usually choose an Everyman memoir because I believer ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

Historical fiction can have many elements, and I especially love when a historical story has a magical twist. The way a book allows me to travel to other times and places is irresistible. Throw in a little mystery and I’m in heaven!

In 2020, I added the category mystery-thriller, realizing how many I’ve read in the last few years. As with life, reading is cyclical. I started loving mysteries back in the days of Harriett the Spy and Nancy Drew. My choices now are considerably darker and more adult, of course.

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Jane A. Swartz
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