I’m a massage therapist by profession, and part of what I love about my career is how much there is to keep learning. Science and medicine have ever-changing topics, because of what the experts are learning. Although I know I’ll never keep up with all the changes, I like to find well-researched books on topics like chronic pain, women’s health, nutrition, and body awareness.

Chronic illness is also a part of my life. I live with several illnesses or conditions that affect me every day. Because I love to learn, I want to understand my own diseases better. I’ve been known to bring books to my doctors!

Medical memoirs combine the information I seek with one patient’s experiences. Like other memoirs, I like to read books that showcase what can be overcome by patients. Of course, not every patient survives but that’s part of why their stories are even more important to read.

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I will definitely recommend Kick Pain in the Kitchen to my patients: Those who are looking to avoid pharmaceutical treatment and those who want to combine western medicine with alternative therapies.

Jane A. Swartz
ARNP, MSN, Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner



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