I’ve loved the X-Files since Scully was first assigned to debunk Mulder’s work on all things supernatural and paranormal. It started the year before I met Mr. Bibliophage, and we both remember talking about it together fairly early in our relationship. Watching together became a routine. We were even given matching X-Files coffee mugs with heat-sensitive type. (And I’m heartbroken that the remaining one seems to have disappeared recently. Maybe I can call Mulder!)

Why does all that matter? Because it proves that I can’t be objective about this review. I listened to this full-cast, Audible-Original recording over the course of just a day or two. It’s a short audiobook, divided into four episodes, roughly an hour long.

Released before the recent TV series re-boot, it was a bit odd to reconcile the two versions of Scully and Mulder’s ongoing lives. But, once I got past this dissonance, it was a fun way to dip my toes back into their world.

My conclusions

As with the show, Cold Cases combines the ongoing “mythology” with some shorter cases. Almost all of the series’ recurring characters come back for a visit. The baddies and the goodies even get a bit mixed up, with some plot twists from author Joe Harris.

The episodes move fast and you’ll want to be able to focus, or risk some banging of the rewind button. Audible not only recruits all the familiar actors, they add sound effects galore. It’s funny how just hearing character’s voices evokes so many images in my mind.

Was this the best audiobook I’ve ever listened to? Probably not. It has a strong story line, but demands all suspension of disbelief. And, like I said, it made less sense because of developments in the recent season.

Nevertheless, if you’re an X-Files fan, this is a action-packed jaunt with your favorite paranormal investigator FBI agents.