After watching the first two seasons of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander without rereading her books, I decided to reread Voyager before the start of season three. Even though it’s only been five years since my first read, I’d forgotten so many parts of the plot. While some might say I’ve spoiled the new season for myself, I feel like I’ve only heightened my anticipation.

Claire and Jamie Fraser continue to amaze me with their adventures. Somehow they manage to have the most creative (on Gabaldon’s part) and harrowing escapades. Plus, the characters themselves are quite lovable, even when I want to wring their necks for stupid behavior or assumptions.

When you think about human beings’ tendencies to spend their whole lives within 20 miles of their birthplace, it makes the Fraser’s story even more unique. Of course, that’s notwithstanding time travel. Jamie’s sister Jenny references this concept early on in Voyager, and it’s obviously even more common in the eighteenth century. Claire and Jamie travel from Scotland to France to the Caribbean, breaking boundaries all the way.

Gabaldon’s writing style is highly detailed, which I love. This time around I listened to the audiobook, which made things move a bit too slowly for me because my listening time is limited. So towards the end I picked up the ebook as well. Davina Porter, who narrates all the Outlander audiobooks, is a master of voices and the subtle nuances of plot and emotion.

Now all I need is the visual representation from the new season on television!