It isn’t easy to be the 9 zillioneth reviewer of Becoming by Michelle Obama. But here I am, wondering how I’ll make this an original and meaningful review.

Let’s get the basics out of the way. I loved this book, and am especially glad I listened to the audiobook. While I’m not typically a fan of author-read audios, Mrs. Obama hits this one out of the park. Her voice is liked honey mixed with butter, and easy on my ears.

Can I just call her Michelle? Normally I use author last names in my reviews. But every time I type her last name, I think of her husband, President Barack Obama. So, Michelle it is!

Somehow I managed to fit 19+ hours of listening in under seven days. The good part of errands, baking, and housework is always the audiobook that goes along with them. And while I was driving myself around, Michelle was telling me about not driving herself anywhere for eight straight years. Bet she didn’t have time to bake sugar cookies either!

Sure, she was sharing stories about life in the White House. But she also gave me the lowdown on growing up on Chicago’s South Side. Her family stories are poignant and funny, and I love hearing how she continued giving back to her hometown community for decades.

As a holistic health coach, I believe in the work Michelle did on behalf of kids, especially their physical health. I grew up gardening with my dad, so I feel especially connected with this part of her initiatives.

My conclusions

This is not a political memoir. It’s the story of a woman who wasn’t interested in politics marrying a fellow civic-minded lawyer who became a politician. But mostly it’s about two people trying to do good things for their family, their country, and the world.

Appreciating Michelle’s worldview most likely made this a better read for me. If you’re a hater, just move along to another Ann Coulter book. But, if book sales are any way to judge, there are plenty of people who appreciate the work Michelle Obama has done.

She dishes plenty of scoop on her life’s biggest moments. But it’s the small things that will stick with me. Her dad’s battle with multiple sclerosis. Raising two girls with a husband who worked out of town. Her college roommate Suzanne.

Give this one a read or listen. You won’t regret it!