Physician Gavin Francis truly takes readers on Adventures in Human Being. From stem to stern, tip to toes, Francis picks a vital part of anatomy and verbally dissects it. It’s a fascinating premise for anyone who enjoys information about their body, or who is just beginning the learning adventure.

Francis organizes his essays in seven sections: Brain, Head, Chest, Upper Limb, Abdomen, Pelvis, and Lower Limb. Each essay takes a particular topic related to a vital organ or organs, including patient stories, and those from Francis’ doctoring experiences.

As much philosophical as it is anatomical, Adventures in Human Being draws from various cultures and traditions as well. Francis may discuss stigmata, while detailing injuries to a patient’s hands. Or he’ll present the womb as holding within it the fine line between life and death. His approach is unique, and eminently readable.

I listened to the audiobook, with excellent narration by Thomas Judd. While it’s not a reference book, I think I’ll refer back to it as medical events happen in our family. I may even track down a print copy so as to have the ability to ponder elements of the essays in a different way.

This is a book about the human body that’s as much about being a human as it is about the body itself. Highly recommend for science nerds and anyone with a body!