I spent 20 hours reading this weekend, and I couldn’t be happier. I love the 24in48 Readathon! There are a lot of 24-hour readathons out there, but I need to sleep so I never even attempt them. But aiming for 24 hours within 48 works perfectly for me.

This time around I had to work for about six hours on Saturday, and I like to spend time with Mr. B also. For example, we went out to dinner on Sunday, ran into friends, and were unexpectedly waylaided because we witnessed a car accident. No one was hurt, thankfully. But getting 20 hours in still takes dedication, and I couldn’t do it without audiobooks!

All of my reviews are upcoming. I learned last year that I can’t write a thoughtful review while also trying to readathon.

Books finished:
Lion / A Long Way Home
In the Days of Rain: A Daughter, a Father, a Cult
Ms. Marvel, Volume 1

Books started and mostly finished:
Final Girls (88%)
Bad Feminist (77%)

Questions from the folks at 24in48:
1. How many books did you read? Pages? I finished 3 books (one ebook, one audio, and graphic) and mostly finished two others (one audio and one hardcover). See the graphic above.
2. How many hours did you read? 20 hours!
3. What do you think worked well in this readathon? I chose to focus on reading, so this time I didn’t even check the photo challenges or posts. It worked for me in terms of reading, but I felt less connected to the group. Therefore, I can’t comment on the organization.
4. What do you think could be done to improve the readathon for next time? I think you guys generally do a fantastic job!
5. Will you participate in a future 24in48 readathon? Absolutely!

Now I’m going to spend some time finishing those two books, especially since Final Girls is an edge-of-your-seat thriller.