Calvin Demmer writes intense horror stories. Part of a series called Short Sharp Shocks!, this one is a ghost story. Journalist Sylvia Bernstein is looking for that “big story,” which will boost her career into hyperspace. She should be careful what she wishes for.

Scouring a recently deceased colleague’s files, she finds an intriguing story about a “Suicide Bridge.” Who wouldn’t drop everything and chase a lead like that? In the best horror, readers spend time yelling “NO, don’t do it!” to the story’s characters. This story is no exception, of course. As Sylvia tries to get the locals around the bridge to talk with her, she runs into some brick walls. But she keeps digging and uncovers the unexpected.

When Calvin emailed to ask if I’d read and review his latest work, I said yes without hesitation. Thanks to him for the free copy in exchange for this honest review.

My conclusions

My only regret is that I didn’t read this story sooner. On the other hand, reading as we head into the Halloween horror season is highly appropriate.

I’m a fan of Calvin’s writing style. And having just read Stephen King’s advice, I’d say Calvin has taken some of that to heart. He wastes no words, and is capable of conveying atmosphere and character in just a few pages. What we have here is a normal situation—reporter following story. But the author combines it with a unique ghostly story, and even throws a lesson learned into the mix. It’s all character and action, with only limited place descriptions. That allows me to picture the town and the bridge in my imagination. I love that kind of writing.

My Halloween horror season plan is to read more of Calvin Demmer’s work. I enjoyed (in a scary way) his previous collection, and several more stories and novels are on Kindle Unlimited. If you love horror, and appreciate short stories, give this one a go. Just don’t read it at night in a dark house with no one around!