Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead was a straight-up palate cleanser choice for me. You know, those books that don’t require much thought. I sped through the audiobook, partly because it’s shorter and partly because I enjoyed the story. Fantasy books often work like this for me.

In Succubus Blues, Mead introduces Georgina Kincaid. Not surprisingly, she’s a succubus, albeit a reluctant one. Even better, she’s an assistant manager in a locally owned Seattle bookstore and coffee shop. Like most readers, Kincaid has a favorite author. Of course, he’s completely human. And he moves to Seattle as the book opens. Every reader fantasizes about this, right? Or is it just me?

On the downside, there’s someone or something killing immortals in Seattle. And Georgina and the immortals she hangs out with need to solve the mystery before they die. Mead gives Georgina a diverse group of pals—vampire, imp, angel, demon. All the friends that a girl needs. At least an immortal girl.

Succubus Blues is mostly lighthearted—a fantasy story that isn’t too scary to read before bed. Still, it’s about killing so plan according to your preferences. 

My conclusions

I liked Georgina. For an ancient succubus, she retains quite a bit of human emotion. She debates about the ethics of using her power. In the process, we learn about her human life and how much it affects her, even centuries later.

The supporting characters are also unique, with their own foibles and interesting traits. And the interactions between Georgina and her favorite author definitely made me smile. 

As far the mystery goes, I guessed the solution pretty easily. But with a palate cleanser, that was okay. I just wanted atmosphere and relaxation.  And since it’s been in my audiobook library for a while, the series already has several more books.

If you need an easy read and like urban fantasy with mysterious immortals, this is a solid and fun option.

Pair with other fantasy options to extend the relaxation. A couple of my recent favorites are Dread Nation by Justina Ireland and Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho. Another great pair would be the Gentlemen Bastard series from Scott Lynch.