Do you love bookish gifts and products? Right, I know you do. Me too! So I was super excited when Melissa from reached out to me for a review. (I’m not an affiliate, nor do I receive any compensation when you order. I just like her products.)

Melissa started a small company that specializes in bringing books to life on t-shirts and bags. A few titles include works by Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Edgar Allan Poe. Honestly, the selection is huge!

Stay tuned for the Special Offer just for readers!

My first impression of the product range is that it includes the bookish items I buy most often—totes and tops / shirts. Yay! The site is easy to use and navigate, although I wish there were more categories for the various kinds of tops. For example, some designs are available in tank tops and sweatshirts but you have to scroll through all the pages to find them. Still, I love all the options.

What sets apart are two things.

1. The designs are absolutely awesome. They’re unique and creative. Most look inspired by vintage book covers. I immediately found a bunch of favorite books included—Frankenstein, Dracula, Les Miserables, and many more. Other related designs include vintage books, headphones, author tributes, and a salute to National Parks. You must go see for yourself.
2. Once you choose the design you love, you can match it with the color of your choice. There are many colors to choose from with each design! Maybe this sounds obvious, but I often find that makers allow only a single color with each design. That means if the color is orange (not good on me!), I’ll never buy that shirt even if it’s my favorite book or author. Not the case with!

Now that I’ve received my order, I can also tell you that the quality of goods is terrific. The t-shirt (I ordered the unisex style) is heavy cotton and exactly as advertised. It’s true to size also. The tote bag is better than most. It’s a heavier-quality coated canvas. While it doesn’t have a top pocket, it’s hearty enough to hold a lot of library books. And the designs on both just pop!

Don’t forget—there’s a Special Offer—keep reading!

I asked Melissa if she’d tell us a little more about herself.

I’d love to know what your professional background is. Are you an artist?

I am a graphic designer! But this is the first graphic design work I have done that was art related. Previously it was a lot of very boring design work such as such as advertising, flyers, etc.

What genre do you read most often?

I really do not stick to one genre, it is really about the individual stories. I saw you did a review of Ken Follett, and I love historical fiction. I’ve also read a lot of Sci-Fi and contemporary American lit.

Any favorite books or authors right now?

I am a huge fan of Moby Dick and am in the middle of re-reading it again. I love it because there is so much in that novel that every time I read it (or listen to it, yay for audiobooks!) it is as if I am reading it for the first time.

Now here’s that Special Offer!

Melissa has shared a discount code for my readers. When you visit and place an order, just enter THEBIBLIOPHAGE20 which is good for 20% off anything in the store, no minimum, and can be used unlimited times.

I hope you’ll go enjoy these gorgeous designs, pick your favorite color, and show off your love of books!

Extra News from TheBibliophage

I’m working on a giveaway, which will include the tote bag I’m “modeling” above. I’m gathering prizes right now, including some custom items one of my favorite makers is designing just for us. Watch for more information coming soon.

Now go visit and shop!