Despite having been an avid reader (yes a bibliophage!) for my entire life, I wouldn’t be blogging without my pals at Litsy. Litsy’s an app for iOS and Android, and it’s where the cool bookish folks hang out. I hope you’ll come join us there!

Today, seven of us who live near each other picked a local indie bookstore to meet and visit. Winding Way Books at Gallery Row in Lancaster city is fantastic! It’s probably my favorite indie in town, and I was excited to introduce my social media friends to its wonders. We had a great time buy a few books, exploring a great bookstore, and throwing back some coffee afterwards. We even peer-pressured the bookstore’s owner into joining us on Litsy!

Our next meet up should be later in the summer, and we’re thinking about exploring Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg. If you’re nearby, we’d love to meet you on Litsy and in person. Just comment below and I’ll add you to our notification list.