Monstress Volume Two continues Maika’s journey for answers that Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda brought us in the first volume. Volume One is subtitled “The Awakening,” because Maika is beginning to discover her two identities. Volume Two is subtitled “The Blood” because it’s all about bloodlines. Plus, there’s plenty of blood spilled in this volume.

As with the previous volume, Monstress is beautifully drawn, and tells a story that includes many fierce female characters in positions of power. The story is complex, and the action intense. Maika is traveling to new places and encountering new legendary characters. The world building continues to be well done and interesting.

Kippa and Ren are Maika’s companions as she travels, and we learn more about them as well. I honestly think Kippa is my favorite secondary character. I just love her unconditional loyalty and sweet characteristics.

When my own world is full of hate and sorrow, I like to read about fighters—people who fight against oppression and evil. It inspires me, even if I don’t have the same tools or guts that they have. Monstress Volume Two, “The Blood,” is just the right story for today’s unhappy world.