Introducing…drum roll…fireworks…#Booked2018: A Seasonal Reading Challenge!

My friends, Cindy, Alisia, and I have created an amazing reading challenge for 2018. We’re hosting it primarily on Litsy, but have just opened a Goodreads group as well. Every season we’ll be offering a giveaway drawing for people who’ve completed that season. We would love for you to join us!

Find us on Litsy at the following handles:
Alisia, @4thhouseontheleft
Barbara, @barbarathebibliophage
Cindy, @cinfhen

Once you’ve scoped out the information below, you can grab the graphic above by right clicking and saving. And please go to the Google form ( for the list in text format and to let us know you’re signing up!

Here’s how it works:
As the year draws to a close, we were brainstorming ideas for a new challenge for the coming year. We know many readers love year-long challenges, but they can sometimes be overwhelming! So we decided to take the year-round challenge, and break it into seasons. There will be six prompts for each season for a total of 24 prompts spread across the year.

Since we all live in different locales, you choose the season! If January means summer to you, hooray! If you’re freezing your toes off in February, keep it cozy and warm in the first quarter!

Most of all, have fun with it! We tried to find a diverse variety of prompts to use for the challenge.

But wait…there’s more! At the end of each season (end of March, June, September, and December), we will be holding a small giveaway. Each completed prompt earns one entry in that season’s giveaway! Make sure to use the hashtag #Booked2018 on Litsy and tag one of us so that your completed entry is counted! We will be checking the #Booked2018 hashtag on a regular basis to keep track of entries.

Below are the 24 prompts that will be appearing throughout the year:

January – March
1. Book featuring an Olympic Sport (because it’s the 2018 Winter Olympics, y’all!)
2. POC Author
3. Body Positive Memoir or Novel
4. Cozy Mystery
5. Feminist Classic (For International Women’s Day on March 8!)
6. Unconventional Romance

April – June
7. Childhood favorite
8. Steampunk
9. Book about the Environment/Set Outdoors (In celebration of Earth Day!)
10. Refugee MC (For World Refugee Day on June 20)
11. Friendship
12. Flowers or Sword on Cover

July – September
13. Blame it on Litsy
14. Diverse Non-fiction
15. Set at school
17. Japanese Thriller
18. Beach Read

October – December
19. Underdog hero
20. Features a holiday
21. MC over 70 (The International Day of Older Persons is October 1)
22. New in 2018
23. MC with Invisible Illness
24. Spooky read

We look forward to you joining us for #Booked2018!

p.s. Here’s the link to the Google form again: