Reflecting back over This Messy Magnificent Life: A Field Guide by Geneen Roth, I think the audiobook didn’t work for me. But, in truth, I won’t be likely to pick up the print copy now that I’ve listened to the audio. I might look for some book tour interviews by Roth, though.

Let me explain myself. Listening to this book is like eating a bowl of whipped cream. It’s so yummy while you read it, but nothing sticks with you afterwards except a taste of heavy sweetness in your mouth. At least that’s my experience. I remember saying “Yes!” multiple times. But I really have no idea now what struck me.

How do I review a book when I can’t remember any of the advice it just gave me besides: be true to yourself and don’t diet? Probably it’s me. My life is complicated, and my brain is feeling full lately.

Plus, this was an impulse read, since I saw a friend mention it and found it on Scribd. I haven’t been choosing self-help books lately, because after reading gobs of them I needed a break. But Roth is a favorite. So … I figured, why not?

What I love about Geneen Roth is that she’s massively neurotic and lets it all hang out. It’s okay for her to tell stories about the crazy way her mind works. We all can relate on some level, whether we admit it in public or not. And that gives us permission to accept ourselves. Or to try to be more accepting. I can get behind that.

My conclusions:

Here’s my bottom line. Roth’s advice is great, and the world needs her perspective. But for me, the four hours of listening was succinctly summed up in the fifteen minute epilogue. Now, how do I choose a star rating for that?