If you like an exciting urban fantasy, then The Sight by Chloe Neill is for you. I’ve enjoyed every one of her 13-book Chicagoland Vampires series. That meant that her new series, The Devil’s Isle was an easy pick for me. The Sight is book number two in that series, so be sure to start off with the first book, called The Veil.

Set in New Orleans, following a war between humans and paranormals the series features Claire Connolly. She’s a human scrambling to stay afloat with her mercantile business as well as her “extracurricular” work. Claire has a particular magical ability that she must both learn to control and yet also keep secret. If those in charge knew she had it she’d be relegated to Devil’s Isle, a part of the city where all “paras” are kept. (Which is my nice way of saying quasi-concentration camp.)

Claire pairs up with Liam Quinn, who’s a human working as bounty hunter for paras whose magic has turned them into monsters. While the first book in the series focused on the action of human vs. para conflict, this one is more about political maneuvering. There’s plenty of tension and suspense, but it’s a strategic sort.

Claire continues to search for clues about her magical genealogy, especially as it relates to her father. She’s processing intense emotions here, but Neill doesn’t make them maudlin or melodramatic. I appreciate the depth they bring to Claire’s backstory.

Neill does strong world building again in this book. The characters become more connected to each other and the story, and I felt myself more drawn to them this time around. For me, this is a “palate cleanser” book. It’s not especially heavy, and easy to digest. I need the balance, and Neill delivers. I’ll definitely pick up the third book in the series, most likely sooner rather than later.